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Simple Router not in toolbox in SigmaStudio both 3.11 & 3.12


I cannot find the simple router tools in the toolbox in either of the installed versions of SigmaStudio.

I am trying to build a mix matrix like this

Am I supposed to use NxM Mixer ( non-linear ) ?

I've made an 8x8 box with NxM mixer but it looks bar bones ! where is the I2C controls for this so I can control the matrix from my

MC ?

sorry I am new to SigmaStudio so this is probably a very stupid question.. unless flexible routing is not possible with the AD1941 dsp IC ?

I'm running windows 8 64bit and both versions of the software installed without error.

any clue would be much welcomed


  • OK, I think I can answer this myslef ... I tried loading the ADAU1446 into SigmStudio ( I know this IC supports audio routing after reading more datasheets ) then routing becomes available in the toolbox.

    Makes sence that the lass powerful AD1940 just does do flexible mix routing , although you can fix a route from any source to any output.. perhaps its just that you cannot change them after the IC boots.

    who , knows maybe that helps someone with the same question one day

  • Hello Ben,

    Using the NxM mixer will do what you are trying to do. The routing capabilities in the ADAU1446 have more to do with hardware routing inside the part without using the DSP. They can be changed after booting if needed. I think the AD1940/AD1941 may be enough for your needs. (I don't know everything about what you are trying to build)

    As far as controlling it from your MC. This is a much larger topic but it is possible to control any control inside your project from the comms port. When you are using SigmaStudio and you are controlling the part in real time you can watch the capture window and see the commands being sent to the part to change the controls. This is what you need to send. There are some details to be aware of.

    If you change the project, the address of the controls may change and so your MC code would need to be updated.

    You must follow the safeload procedures etc.

    Have a look at this document from the Wiki page that talks about this.

    How do I create the microcontroller code to interface to my SigmaDSP?

    There are also other posts about this on the forum. There is a section on the forum for SigmaDSP and SigmaStudio. It is a sub topic under DSP.

    Dave T

  • Hi Dave, thanks for you reply.

    Thanks for letting me know I can do flexible routing with the NxM mixer.

    I did notice the register values pop up when I changed numbers on the matrix in sigmastudio so I'm guessing I write to those values over I2C to control them.

    I'll read more about safeload in the data sheet and try and discover what it actually is ! I asume its not zero crossing volume changes.

    it makes sence the registers change when you re-program the device. A shame but I can see why.

    I have wired up an AD1941 i2c version and will hopefully manage to program it tommorow with the USBi programmer. Thats if I can get the clock running from external or gernerate one locally.

    I'm actially just trying to make an 8 : 2 stereo mixer for them moment with indipendant headphone volume.

    I'm doing the input Gain with other PGA's so its just main volume and panning etc..

    If there is enough power in the DSP I'll add some basic low pass filters and a limiter ( compressor ) on each channel.

    The tricky part will no dought be the 8 balance ( pans ) I was thinking of splitting the 8 channels and having 2 x 8 mixers and then panning with I2C Control with the MC.

    Eventually I'l like to add multichannel recording with 2 channel mix doen recording direct to SSD hardisk.

    I asume I'll need to move up to Sharc DSP or higher for this. shame since I'd love to stay with the snaller low power chip !

    One potential feture I really like the look of is the ability to send out level values for real time metering on each channel.

    Anyway, will try and remember to post back here if I get mix routing all working.


  • Hi Ben

    We added a new Router on SigmaStudio Beta 3.13 that I'm sure you will like.

    Please take a look.


  • Hi, do you mean SigmaStudio Beta 3.12.3 ? I see no ver. 3.13 version available..


  • Yes 3.12.3,  It's available on the SigmaStudio page

    Let us know how it goes.