about SPI specification on AD1934(DAC) data sheet

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I have some questions in AD1934 (DAC) SPI specification.




In terms of tCOE, tCOH, and tCOTS,

what the figure9 says and what the table 7 says are different.

Could you explain about this?



CCLK freqency is 4.1MHz so the 1CCLK period is 240ns.

In my understanding, tCOE in figure 9 is wrong.

tCOE should be between the CLATCH falling and COUT rising.

In the figure there are 14 data(D10-D23).

To sample one data, I need 240ns CCLK so 14 data would require 3.36us(=3360ns).

But the table 7 says that the tCOE max is just 30 ns. I do not understand.



Gennerally speaking, I guess CCLK "rising" would sample the data, not falling. Is this is this right information. I am asking this just in case.




The figure9 and the table7 are talking different thing.


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