AD1955 Output stage

What does the output stage of AD1955 look like? Something like this perhaps -


The Analog outputs have 2 specifications - Diff Output range of 8.64mA P-p and a -3.34mA per output. Could you explain these specifications with reference to a schematic ( please provide another one if it doesn't match what I have give)?


2. In the application schematic, for IOUT channels a +12V and a 2K pull up is used for setting up the outputs IOUT+ and OUT- for both R and L channels. I have +6V supply, how should I decide the pull up resistor value?


3. Extending question from pt 2., What would be the power-on DC state (voltage at) of the IOUT+ and IOUT-  outputs?


4. Ref to the application schematic - after IV conversion using ad797, what Peak to Peak large signal voltage swings should I expect  ?

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