About ADAU1977.dll for SigmaStudio



Currently, I am trying to evaluate EVAL-ADAU1977.


I downloaded the following evaluation software, but it does not work on my PC.



Therefore, I want to evaluate on SigmaStudio, but there is not ADAU1977.dll in SigmaStudio 3.12.

Could you please give me ADAU1977.dll for SigmaStudio?


Best regards, TomY

  • Hello TomY,

    Unfortunately we have not developed the DLL for the 1977 in SigmaStudio. I will inquire to see if there are plans for it.

    Meanwhile, I assume you downloaded the correct version for your system? 32 bit vs 64 bit?

    What operating system are you using?

    What symptoms are you seeing when you try to run the program or run the installer?


    Dave T

  • Hi TomY,

    As Dave pointed out, it might be good if you could send us the images for the error you get when using the GUI. We do not have the plan to add this in Sigmastudio right now. The standalone GUI should work and we can help you get it started.

    Best Regards


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