Max current consumption of ADAU1977?

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We are considering the adoption of ADAU1977.

The data sheet of the ADAU1977 does not have a description of the maximum current consumption for each power pin.

Could you tell me the maximum consumption current of each power supply pin?


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    This is to remind you that we have not received your response about the below email.

    ADAU1977 does not might be a difficult because it is a variety of usage,

    However, since this matter is a great influence on the battery life, please inform the maximum current consumption of the conditions of the DS described.

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  • Hello,

    The power consumption of the ADAU1977 depends on the type of application. Are you planning to use the Boost converter or just use it as conventional ADC?

    There are three supplies AVDD, DVDD and IOVDD.

    The AVDD & IOVDD must be supplied externally. The DVDD can be generated internally. In addition if you plan on using the Boost converter then the AVDD must be able to source the current required for the converter. The datasheet tabulates all the conditions.  I can help you get the number if you let me know your test conditions.

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