ANC hardware selection


I'm working on implementing an active noise control algorithm. I am currently working on an ADSP-221489 EZKIT LITE, because we had one lying around. I am quite new to these things, but I am beginning to suspect that this board and the AD1939 codec on it are not quite suited to my application. I got the algorithm to work, but I feel the system is not working as well as it could be, mainly due to latency issues. I am wondering which hardware would be better for me. I hope you can help. Below I have listed some information about my application:

- Active noise control system with adaptive controller and adaptive plant model.

- Preferred sample frequency: 8 kHz.

- 2 ADCs/input ports.

- 2 DACs/output ports.

- Low latency (currently multiple ms's)

If you need more specific details to answer my question, please let me know.