Does ADAU1373 support TDM?

Does the ADAU1373 support TDM or can it be internally configured or externally connected to allow access to all internal channels from a single digital serial interface?

If not, would it work if each of the three serial interfaces were externally multiplexed to create a pseudo TDM interface? Would the speed of switching to maintain valid TDM timing be a problem?

The serial interfaces would no longer have continuous clocks present at the serial audio interfaces, would this be a problem for the sampling?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 18, 2016 7:35 PM

    Hello nzheavy,

    No, this part does not support TDM.

    As far as what you are asking about tricking the serial ports into accepting a TDM signal. It is something I have never tested and was not tested during development so I am not sure what problems would arise. I expect that it may be a problem since the part is only meant to operate at 48kHz maximum sampling rate. However, when looking at the minimum pulse width times for the BCLK it looks like it may be able to handle the BCLK frequency of 12.288MHZ for a TDM8 signal.

    So this is not something we will be able to test and validate so we will not be able to guarantee that it can be operated in this manner.

    Dave T