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Bypass the SigmaDSP in ADAU1781


I'm looking to replace an obsolete codec (AT73C213 for reference) and the ADAU1781 seems to be a good candidate.

However, I do not need all the signal processing features present in this chip.

Basically, I need an I2S interface to a DAC which outputs into a monaural speaker (0.3-0.5W) while keeping the WindowsCE driver simple; volume control and a SPI interface suffice.


1. Can be the ADAU1781 configured so that I2S data go directly to the DAC, bypassing the SigmaDSP?

2. Is there any other chip at AnalogDevices matching my requirements?

Thank You,

Florin Petrov

  • Hello Florin,

    The serial input port can be routed directly to the DACs bypassing the core. This setting is found in register 0x40F2, Routing Matrix Inputs.

    As far as other parts to meet your requirements. It would have to be a class D amplifier which is a bit more work to implement.

    Dave T