SigmaStudio Network Utility for Linux seems to be outdated

SigmaStudio Network Utility for Linux seems to be outdated.  Based on debugging I have made, the protocol has changed in some stage.  Is there any working code available anywhere?  The latest version here doesn't really work.

I have understanding on the writing commands but register read command is mystery as the latest information on the response packet format doesn't seem to work.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Oct 10, 2016 4:22 PM over 4 years ago

    Hello alouko,

    Can you give me a bit more info so I can better understand what you are trying to accomplish.

    What SigmaDSP are you using?

    Are you trying to communicate over TCPIP from the Arduino to a remote computer running SigmaStudio with a SigmaDSP attached to it?

    Dave T

  • I am using ADAU1701 on a FreeDSP Classic.  I have a project in mind which would be using ADAU1701 and having either STM32 or Atmel AVR controlling that.

    Now I am using FreeUSBi to develop, test and adjust parameters and reading real time data from ADAU1701 just as it is suppodes to be done.  On Windows under VirtualBox on my Linux PC.  SigmaStudio sees FreeUSBi directly over USB as it is configured as visible under Windows VM.  Everything works as expected.  I can export program and parameter data from Windows to Linux and I know how to program that data over I2C if needed using Atmel AVR or STM32.

    But I would like to be able to connect from SigmaStudio over TCP/IP to a daemon program in Linux and be able to anything now possible with FreeUSBi.  Writing is OK but reading is not.  Having this working would make it possible to avoid wiring FreeUSBi in the loop if I need to develop code and read back data in final product and/or FreeDSP.  This would also make it possible to develop code in FreeDSP without FreeUSBi, just wiring the Arduino (on FreeDSP) with the Linux PC and doing the I2C communication through that.

    Basically same setup as intended by SigmaStudio Network Utility for Linux but instead of communicating directly from Linux with I2C, communicating from Linux to Arduino/Atmel AVR/STM32 which then communicates with ADAU over I2C.

  • Is there anything new for this?  Is there documentation on the format and/or working code available?