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Daisy Chaining two AD1938 codecs - ALSA System on Chip driver

Hi there,

we are trying to extend our audio system by daisy chaining two AD1938 audio codecs. From the datasheet I got the information that both codecs are configured equally (512 fs DACs / 256 fs ADCs / single line TDM mode). So, of course, both codecs appear as one codec to the platform DAI. I think it should work, if both codecs are configured equally in series via regmap in the codec driver. For example:

static int ad193x_hw_params(...){


   regmap_update_bits(ad193x_0->regmap, AD193X_PLL_CLK_CTRL0, AD193X_PLL_INPUT_MASK, master_rate);

   regmap_update_bits(ad193x_1->regmap, AD193X_PLL_CLK_CTRL0, AD193X_PLL_INPUT_MASK, master_rate);



Does anybody know, how to pass two regmap configs to the driver, so that I can configure both codecs in the same way? Or any other idea how to get two daisy chained codecs working with ALSA?