ZedBoard ADAU1761


I'm just trying to get the Audio Codec ADAU1761 to work on the ZedBoard.

The FPGA will provide a 12.288 MHz MCLK and will transmit the audio data via I2S (I2S Mode, 48kHz) to the ADAU1761 (in I2S Slave mode). The ADAU should route the audio data from I2S input to the LineOut outputs of the ADAU1761, without using the DSP.

Therefore I configured the registers, that don't have the default values, in this sequence (via I2C).

- 0x4000, 0x01
- 0x401C, 0x21
- 0x401E, 0x41

- 0x4020, 0x05
- 0x4021, 0x11

- 0x4025, 0xFE
- 0x4026, 0xFE

- 0x4029, 0x03
- 0x402A, 0x03
- 0x40F2, 0x01
- 0x40F3, 0x01
- 0x40F9, 0x7F
- 0x40FA, 0x03

And I don't hear and measure any audio data on the LOUTP/N outputs  !?!??!

The I2S interface signals are looking good on the scope and the read back register values are also as expected.

Therefore I guess a bug in my register configuration, but I don't see it :-(

Any help or hints are really appreciated.

Best regards,