Demux ADAU1451

We are designing a digital audio console with ADAU1451 DSP

We need to use the Aout3 TDM 8 output  of ADAU 1451  to get four AES-3 outs. How can we demux the 8 channels to use four  DIT 4096 Texas stereo serial audio to AES converters?  
Or do you know another AES converter that supports TDM-8?



#Demux ADAU1451

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 7, 2017 12:57 AM over 4 years ago

    Hello Oscar,

    You know this is a good question. I took a look around to see if someone makes an AES/SPDIF transmitter that is capable of picking out two channels from a TDM stream and I could not find one. I also looked for a TDM to I2S fan-out chip that would allow you to use several AES/SPDIF transmitters that only do I2S and I could not find that as well. We certainly have parts that can do it. For instance, the ADAU1442 has nine serial output ports that can be configured to I2S. Then you can take one of the nine serial input ports to take in one or more TDM serial data lines. Then you route them internally to the output ports. It also has an advantage of having ASRCs if you need them.

    Then you have this great DSP to do some audio processing if needed. Volume controls etc.

    It can process 24 channels of audio so if you used all the output ports as I2S you could convert 18 channels of audio into 9, I2S streams to go to the AES transmitters.

    Let me know if you have further questions.

    Dave T