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Noise in the begin signal DAC AD1852

Hello! I use DAC AD1852. I transmit data - 128 zero and then sine. But when I change pin RESET I see noise on output (about 1.44 ms) and then I see my signal. I don't understand why always noise become in the begin signal. I try using pin MUTE in the begin signal, but noise become also. I think it is data from digital filter DAC. Help me please. How can I remove this noise in the begin signal?

  • Lenz,

    Are you able to stop sending SDATA (while still sending BCLK, LRCLK, MCLK) before asserting RESET?  If so, do you still observe the noise after clearing RESET and re-sending SDATA? 

  • I can send SDATA = 0. But I still observe the noise after clearing RESET. If I restart transmit data, I don't observe noise. But after power reset I still observe the noise.

  • Lenz,

    When testing, I am able to see that if SDATA is stopped while the other clocks are still sent, and then RESET is toggled, that the noise is gone both on RESET and on re-sending SDATA.  Likewise on Power Reset, if data is not present (and there is no dithering provided by the clock source) then similarly there is no noise after the RESET toggle.

    However, if data is present during the RESET toggle, the noise behavior you've described is able to replicated. 

    Can you provide more information on your application and why this part was initially chosen?