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AD Class-D amplifiers with output sensing

Hello AD audio team,

There are already a couple of class-d amplifiers with o/p sense like the SSM4321 and the SSM4567.

As per the datasheet, the sensed parameters go to a 16-bit ADC. That is quite high resolution for just supervisory or house keeping.

What is the sensed parameter data used for? Output correction based on load impedance variation, by any chance? Or is it for supervisory?

I am using Class-AB amplifiers with load current sensing to drive full-range speakers. They sound very warm and 'tube' like.

I would love to have a digital engine (platform) that does this.

A sigmaDSP processor in co-ordination with a power amplifier (with output current and voltage sense) can be used to linearize loudspeaker sound variation due to its impedance variation.

I believe there was something to this tune mentioned with the SSM3525 in the AD CES 2016-17 bulletins.

Where is SSM3525? Can I get to sample it?

Thanks and regards,