adau1401 for Echo Cancelling


I need to design an echo cancelling circuit for a speakerphone system. I would appreciate if someone can tell me if the ADAU1401 is appropriate for such application. Is the sigma DSP inside this CODEC powerful enough for echo cancelling.

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  • Hello Patricio,

    Thank you for the detail. It helps a lot.

    The ADAU1761 will do what you are looking for. The 1701 will not.

    The ADAU1442 and ADAU1452 family of parts will also do what you need should you require more processing for your application.

    We have two noise reduction cells, one is blind and is probably not what you need but we do have the NLMS Filter in the library that is for this exact application.

    There is some documentation on EngineerZone but there still needs to be a good example that is on my list of things to do. So I will try to put something more together for you.

    Also, I will delete the other post you posted that is the same question as this post.


    Dave T

  • Hi Dave. Is there any tutorials on how to configure adau1761 for the echo cancellation task? Currently the aec block in sigmastudio only shows up in adau145x and adau146x. It would be awesome if it is possible to use aec feature on adau1761

  • Hi Mike,

    You are correct, ADI's AEC algorithm for SigmaDSP is only supported on the ADAU145x and ADAU146x processors.

    Unfortunately the ADAU1701 will not support our AEC algorithm. The AEC algorithm relies heavily on frequency domain processing, which are not easily implemented on the ADAU1701. The ADAU1701 was really designed for sample-by-sample audio processing.


  • Hi Joshua,

    Per Dave's answer, I know adau1701 is not capable of AEC, but I was wondering if adau1761 could do so because Dave mentioned it?

  • Mike,

    My apologies, I misread the part number in your post. ADI's  AEC algorithm for the ADAU145x/146x processors is not compatible for the ADAU1761 for the same reasons it's not compatible with the ADAU1701.

    However, with the ADAU1761, you can likely achieve excellent performance by building a system around the NLMS adaptive filter block as Dave suggested.


  • Hi Joshua,

    Really appreciate your quick response. Is there any material you could point me to on building the system with adau1761 and NLMS blocks? Or sample projects perhaps?

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