ADAU1966A Maximum & Minimum Audio Input Sampling Rate

Hi All,

I'm going to use this ADAU1966A in my upcoming project for an audio application. We're having 3 different audio bandwidth in our application.

(a) The first type will have 10KHz audio bandwidth with 31.25KHz sampling rate. 

(b) The second type will have 2.4KHz audio bandwidth with 7.81KHz sampling rate.

(c) The third type will have 150Hz audio bandwidth with 976Hz sampling rate.

Each type will have 8 Audio output channel. So totally 24 audio output is required for us. Hence we've preferred to use two ADAU1966A for this 24 audio output requirement. The first ADAU1966A will be for audio type (a) & (b) by making the (b) type also with 31.25KHz sampling rate. The second ADAU1966A will be for audio type (c) with 976HZ sampling rate. We're preferred to operate this ADAU1966A in slave, stereo left justified mode with direct MCLK input to the DAC by bypassing the PLL section. We're having a following query to proceed further with the implementation.

1. The sample Rate Select (b00) in DAC Control 0 Register is stating 32/44.1/48KHz. Is it recommended to use any of these three sampling rate values or anything within this range we can use?

2. Can we use below 32KHz sampling rate with this ADAU1966A? Because for audio type (c), the bandwidth itself 150Hz. Hence there is no use of going more than 32KHz sampling rate?


Loganathan N

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