ADAU196XZ documentation

Hello. We have evaluation board ADAU1966Z. 

It marked on top ADAU196xZ , revision : B , Revision date :150317.

Seems that documentation  UG-416 and board  ADAU196xZ   have differences, see attached pictures.

Components installed  in different places. For example in documentation UG-416  component U9 must be  LM317, but it is not LM317, see pic 2.jpg

Can you provide  relevant documentation on existing board ? thank you.
  • Hello Pingky,

    I apologize for the confusion. We updated the PCBs to improve the functionality but the user guide has not been updated. I am still in the process of updating the 196xA user guides and will do the 196x user guides soon. Meanwhile, the 196xA user guide will be very useful for you. The only differences in these eval boards is that the ADAU1966 runs on 5V AVDD instead of 3.3V. So the power supply section of the eval board is slightly different. I will look for those details and post them. But meanwhile I will attach the preliminary user guide for the 196xA parts so you will know how to use your board. The first half of this user guide is for the RevA boards so you will need to go about halfway into the document to get to the RevB (called Rev C for the 196xA).

    Dave T