USB audio to I2S bridge 352/384 32

I wonder if Analog Devices provides an USB to I2S audio bridge? Either as one component or as a combination. It should handle USB 2, PCM 352/384 32 bit and DSD128 to PCM 176. On the other end there is a DSP (ADAU1467) running at 192/32. Audio direction is only from USB host to DSP. Since the DSP is running at 192, the bridge must be able to perform the sample rate conversion of the PCM stream down to 176/192.

I have done some searching and as far as I can see I will need to source the USB interface from other supplier but eventually there is some Analog Device solution that will be able to take care of the down sampling to match the sample rate of the DSP. Am I correct?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 25, 2019 7:21 PM over 1 year ago in reply to mansr


    This project was delayed due to circumstances beyond our control, but it is still moving forward. I am evaluating the latest hardware received just last week. The circuit is finalized, but we will need to do one more board spin. Since this involves Windows kernel drivers, it's critical that the software be rock solid before release.

    As far as additional features, he interface will support IOVDD down to 1.2V. There is a switch that selects between 3.3V and an I/O voltage input from the target. We are achieving excellent round-trip latency specs using ASIO. Also, the firmware will support bit-accurate UAC2 for driver-less operation with any OS that supports it, though configuration of the I/O will still need to be done with a Windows utility.


  • Any updates on this project? Is it still moving forward and if so, when might it be generally available?