EVAL-ADAU1467Z Selfboot Issues

Hello Gents,

I was hoping to get some clarification on the EVAL-ADAU1467Z selfboot sequence. I've worked through the example given in the EVAL-ADAU1467Z-UG-1134 user guide and I'm still not having any success with the board booting up via the EEProm. Per the instructions given in the user guide I'm executing the following steps.

  1. Execute the "Link Compile Download"
  2. In the "Hardware Configuration" window right clicking on the "ADAU1467 IC1" and selecting "Self-Boot Memory -> Write Latest Compilation Through DSP"
    • In the pop-up window that follows I've selected protocol = SPI, SPI = SPI Mode 3. Then "Ok" (Picture attached of ADAU1467 and EEProm connected successfully yo the USBi programmer). I get no errors in this process and everything is download to the board successfully.
    • I have the boards hardware configured as follows, S3 position 1 (Selfboot Mode) is high and S2 is in the selfboot position.
    • I then select the boards "reset" button and get nothing. When I pull up the "Write E2Prom to Display" in the IC2 - WinE2PromLoader the hex file is all zeros which tells me nothing is being written to the EEProm?

Let me know if you all have any suggestions when you can.

Also my Sigmastudio project file is also attached.