SSM2380Z I2C Q


Read the register of 0x00, 0x01; 

The return value of 0x00 is right, it's 0x33;  But the value of 0x01 is wrong , always is 0. 

From Datasheet,  the default value of reg 0x05 is 0x03,   But, the return value is 0x00..

 other reg values is right.   


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 7, 2020 6:56 PM 29 days ago

    Hello Jeff,

    I assume you have the MODE pin grounded so it is in I2C mode?

    Then your readings are right after power up before you wrote anything?

    Because the default for register 0x00 is 0x22. as is register 0x01.

    You are correct for register 0x05, the default is 0x03.

    I think you need to look carefully at the I2C communication. Look at the formatting to be certain it is correct s shown in figure 50. 

    Then what is the value of the I2C pull-Up resistor?

    How many devices are on the bus?

    What is the clock frequency being used for the I2C?

    Have you looked at the signals on a scope to be certain they look clean and the buss is being pulled down and recovers quick enough?

    By the Way, we had a company wide shutdown last week so this is why we were not able to respond. 

    Dave T