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ADAU1979 How to do DC calibration


The ADAU1979 has a register that performs DC calibration.

Please tell me how to use this register.

Do you have to prepare in advance?

What state should the device be in at run time?

Thanks and Regards,


  • Hi Tanaka,

    The DC cal in 1979 needs to be invoked by activating the DC_CAL bit in Reg 0x0E. The 1979 calculates the DC value of the signal at that instant and stores internally. You can subtract this value for any channel by enabling the subtraction in Reg 0x1A. Once enabled the stored DC value is subtracted from the samples for that channel and then output on serial port.

    alternately, if the purpose is to remove the DC then fixed HPF is also provided which could be used to remove the DC from the signal in Reg 0x1A.