Auto Ramp function for AD1938

 Hi team,

I have a question for AD1938 auto ramp function from customer via our distributor

The auto ramp function is mentioned in the data sheet P.1  as "Log volume control with autoramp function"  but no any explanation. Where can I find the detailed explanation for this autoramp? On the other hand, AD1855 data sheet shows the detail for autoramp as below. Is AD1938's autoramp similar to AD1855?

"Smooth Volume Control with Auto Ramp Up/Down The AD1855 incorporates ADI’s 1024 step “Smooth Volume Control” with auto ramp up/down. Once per L/RCLK cycle, the AD1855 compares current volume level register to the volume level request register Data 9 through Data 0. If different, volume is adjusted 1 step/sample. Therefore a change from max to min volume takes 1024 samples or about 20 ms as shown in Figure 20."

Keiichi Okuji @ ADKK