adau1761 codec driver and custom hardware driver silent

Playing sound using adau1761 codec driver on a custom board using HiFi. Google Coral TPU recognizes adau1761 codec, but playing sound and recording is silent.

Can sometimes produce pop/click upon starting to play a sound file.

Currently, we have the sound card visible on the computer, but when we play sound files we do not get any noise.

We are making sure to set volume up on all possible components in alsamixer and specify the device we want to play.

After changing simple controls and card controls for "DAC" related switches etc, we are able to witness pop/click noise behavior heard when starting to play sound.

After rebooting the device, I have to mess around ith amixer settings in order to reproduce the pop and click behavior.

The adau1761 codec is connected to a pca94xx i2c mux bus with adau1761 as one of it

The external 'mclk' connecting to the sound card is the sai2 at 24.576kHz (with pll_8k parent)

We are modifying Google's custom hardware driver for their Coral TPU development board.

codec_clock = 24.576Mhz

the hw_params function runs the following:

snd_soc_dai_set_pll(rtd->codec_dai, ADAU17X1_PLL, ADAU17X1_PLL_SRC_MCLK, codec_clock, pll_rate);

snd_soc_dai_set_sysclk(rtd->codec_dai, ADAU17X1_CLK_SRC_PLL, pll_rate, SND_SOC_CLOCK_IN);

snd_soc_dai_set_sysclk(rtd->cpu_dai, FSL_SAI_CLK_MAST1, codec_clock, SND_SOC_CLOCK_OUT);