SSM3525 - thermal performance, ibis model, and few other questions

Hello ADI,

I'm working on a multichannel module with SSM3525, and I have a few question. What is the continuous output power that can implementation on evaluation board sustain (with 25C ambient)? Calculations with datasheet values of thermal resistance and efficiency would indicate that continuous output power is severely limited by thermal performance...

But if I understand your description in datasheet correctly, no uVias were used for thermal characterization - as such I do not believe that datasheet θJB is representative of the application performance. Just uVias for GND connection would probably double the copper cross section that connect package to ground plane(1 inner layer).  Is there  θJB available for evaluation board?

Is there  θJC  value available? As I have quite a few of SSM3525 on PCB,  putting them close together and cooling them with a heat sink from top might be a viable solution.

Few miscellaneous questions about SSM3525:

Is IBIS model available?

Is there planed variant with a different package? Unfortunately SSM3525 is driving up the cost of my pcb -  it's the only IC package that needs HDI/uVia

Any plans for multichannel and/or higher power version (possibly with external switches)?

Is there a application note available about loudspeaker linearization from your CES demo?

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,