witch DAC / ADC


i'm new to analog devices, ADC and DAC's.

witch 16 BIt ADC would you recommend for converting bi-polar 10 V.P.P. audio signal into 41.1 / 96 KHZ digital information?

witch 16 Bit DAC would complementary to the ADC to output  bi-polar audio, 10 v.p.p.

SPI interface.

for DIY soldering.

regards and thnx

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 25, 2020 10:25 PM

    Hello Natural_D,

    Sorry this post was missed. 

    The ADAU1977 is capable of converting a signal up to 10V rms. So it will handle 10V p-p with no issues. As far as the DAC side, you can use almost any DAC and then amplify the output with Op-Amps that run on voltage power rails that would allow it to swing 10V p-p. Most of our newer DACs run on 3.3V AVDD so the most they will put out is 1V rms so that is why you will need to amplify the output. 

    The other issue is the load that it has to drive. So you will want to design your own drive circuits and in addition, a filter is also needed for most DACs. 

    Dave T