ADAU1777 I2C Parameters


I am interfacing an ADAU1777 onto my own SC571 board using CrossCore 2.8.3,  not using the EVAL-ADAU1777Z. I am able successfully write to all registers and get analog audio in and out. However, in order to get analog audio in/out working, I had to configure all registers along with 13 "mysterious" I2C transfers that I was able to get from a logic analyzer and the EVAL-ADAU1777Z. 

I am not sure what these thirteen I2C transfers are, perhaps Bank A or Bank B? Please refer to the figure below for the registers in question. Help clarifying what these transfers are would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hi Pablo,

    You are correct -- the writes that occur at the end of a default programming sequence for the ADAU1777 are the parameter memory writes. To find out more about how they work, I recommend playing around with the ADAU1777 in SigmaStudio, and observing how things are written in the Capture window. That might give you a quicker insight into what each write is doing.

    Best regards,

    Tyler Krome