AEC-NR on Sigma300/350

Hey Guys,

     Currently I find that we have a Acoustic Echo Cancellation Trial and Noise Reduction Trials available to download in the SigmaStudio 4.2/4.3. And I have read about the wiki and it helps a lot.  And In the document "SIGMA300 RESIDUAL ECHO SUPPRESSION (RES) PLUG-IN FOR SIGMASTUDIO USER GUIDE" chapter 3.1, it tells me to refer to provided example projects Sigma300_AECNR_Standard_GUI.dspproj and Sigma300_AECNR_Wideband_GUI.dspproj.

    However, I don't find the example projects.  I was wondering that if I need to build the project by myself on EVAL-ADAU1466z? if not, please help me to find the example projects.