SHARC Audio Module with SigmaStudio


I would like to buy a SHARC Audio Module, but I had some questions about it : most were answered by your (very efficient) colleague Chad in the dedicated forum, but I still have one about SigmaStudio, and he told me to ask about it here for details.

As I explained on the other topic ( I would like to develop live sound tools, and I would like to use the board as a demonstrator for some live performances and SigmaStudio seems interesting to setup a quick GUI for a demonstrator.

Chad told me that there are some work on SigmaStudio for the SHARC Audio Module and I just would like to know if SigmaStudio (through its add-on for SHARC supporting ADSP-SC589) also supports ADZS-SC589-MINI board.
If not, is there any other way to use SigmaStudio with this board (antoher ongoing add-on,...) ?

Thank you in advance,