ADAU1458 interface with multiple DACs


We are using ADAU1452 chips and evaluation board for our designs and prototypes. ADAU1452 evaluation board comes with AD1938 audio codec which can support up to 8 analog outputs. ADAU1452 DSP on the other hand can support up to 48 digital output channels via serial 4 serial ports using TDM. 

My question is that what is the best method to extend analog outputs up to 12 channels? Is it possible to use multiple AD1938 codecs and connect each chip with serial port lines (SDATA_OUT, BCLK_OUT, LRCLK_OUT) of the DSP? Can we use multiple EVAL-AD1938 evaluation boards along with EVAL-ADAU1452 to prototype this? 

Any feedback in this regard will be very helpful for our design needs.

Thank you