Need suggestions for correct full-scale ADC values


This question is about giving the correct value to the ADC input resistor of ADAU1701. However, since it is more of a general audio application question, I thought of posting it here to get suggestions from a wider audience.

I will be using the ADAU1701 SigmaDSP processor in home application as well as in Pro applications.

Will it be correct to assume an input full scale value of 0.316V (-10dbV) for home/ domestic use (with Media players, STB audio output etc.) and 1.228V (+4dbU) for PRO use (Mike/ AUX/ DJ mixer)?

Do suggest you you have any other views/ opinions.

Thanks in advance!!

Note: Since the processor already has a 2k resistor internally, I'll have to re-adjust the input full scale for Home

SigmaDSP specific note added at the end
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