Two ADCs (ADAU1977) interfacing with ADSP-SC584W & a microcontroller


I am trying to interface two ADC modules with ADSP-SC584W. I am planning to connect the SDATAOUT1/SDATAOUT2 from ADC to DAI ports of ADSP. Do I need to use LRCLK/BCLK pins as well? I am planning to use I2C/SPI control block to interface to microcontroller. Any suggestions?

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  • Hello,

    Please refer to datasheet. You would need to decide who will be the Master for the I2S port first. If the DSP can be set as master then the two 1977's could be set as slave. In this case you would need to provide the LRCLK and BCLK from DSP to both the 1977's. Also you need to decide on the PLL mode for 1977. If DSP can send the Master clock then that would also need to be provided to 1977's. The 1977 can also derive the internal clock from the LRCLK so this PLL needs to be set to LRCLK mode. In this case you only need LRCLK and BCLK from DSP. 

    The I2C/SPI is for configuring the registers for 1977. The ADC data will always be made available at the I2S port on SDATAOUTx pins.