Audio Coupling Capacitor

I bought a 5532 front tuning board, with two coupling capacitors on the output side of the tuner, another two resistors at the input end without coupling capacitors, and two coupling capacitors at the input end of the post-stage power amplifier. In this way, there are four coupling capacitors between the front tuning board and the post-stage power amplifier, and two input terminals at the output end of the front stage tuning board, it is useful or not to place them like that? Why not put the coupling capacitor on the input end of the front stage tuning board but put it on the output side?

How about I remove the two coupling capacitors from the front output and connect them to the input?

  • What is a "5532 tuning board..."??  Does it have any Analog Devices parts on it?  

    Would this be better posted on or some general audio forum?

    Not clear which resistors are in series or parallel, etc.  Schematic/sketch??


  • It is a audio mixer. 

    This can be regarded as the equivalent series of stopping DC capacitor, so the capacity decreases, the low frequency impedance increases, and the bass becomes worse. If the combination of the front and back stages is not constant, any straight phase can be removed; the combination of the stages before and after the constant transformation can stop DC capacitance, the voltage is constant, and the capacity is doubled.