ADAU1701 Limiter example

Hi folks,

I need help with a template or example software for the RMS & PEAK LIMITER, I tried hard to make it work the way I want.

Whats needed is to have any signal level input from 0.7V up to 10V at the input, while keeping the signal at the output 1V for example without clip.

Is that possible?

Appreciate any help

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  • Hello microsim4,

    What you have to do is translate the external level into an internal digital level. Then you can work on it in the DSP to limit the level.

    When you are working with converters, the reference level for digital zero (0dBFS) is setup by the converters before it ever reaches the DSP. In the 1701 there is also the reference current setting resistor for the current input on the ADCs. Then DACs tend to not be exactly the same level. Again, a 0dBFS digital signal might be converted to a different analog level depending on what the reference is for the DAC. So you have to work this out in your design. Then apply a known level and measure it in the DSP to see if you are getting the level you expect. Then in the DSP you can limit it however you would like.

    Now if you are using the 1701 evaluation board to send it 10V input level then you are clipping the input. What value are you using for the ADC_RES? Upload your schematic.

    Dave T