About the IIS/TDM audio input IO of ADAU1467/ADAU1462

Hi Experts

we have found that the IIS/TDM audio data input channel counts is not sure of ADAU1467.

1. Here is the infomation from the website, it shows that ADAU1467 has 12 audio input IOs

2. In the ADAU1467 datasheet , it shows that ADAU1467 has 8 selectable INPUT/OUTPUT IOs

3. In the SigmalStudio ADAU1467 project , we can only see 4 input and 4 output IOs 

so , the question is how many IIS/TDM audio input IOs could be used in max of ADAU1467 ? 

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 6, 2021 10:29 AM


    Apologies for the confusion caused here.

    There are four serial data input PORTs (SDATA_IN3 to SDATA_IN0) and four serial data output PORTs (SDATA_OUT3 to SDATA_OUT0) are available in ADAU1467. Also it contains 8 selectable INPUT/OUTPUT IOs. The eight SDATAIOx pins supplement the four input and four output serial ports by providing additional data pins. These are not additional, independent serial ports. Each pin can be configured for use with any serial input port or serial output port.

    You can configure all these serial PORTs using the 'SERIAL_PORTs' tab of the 'ADAU1467 Register controls' window.