AD1933 & ADAU1372

Hello Dave,
Thank you. I have so many questions.
1. AD1933 datasheet says: AD1933 provides 8 DACs using patented multibit sigmadelta (Σ-Δ) architecture. The DACs include on-board digital reconstruction filters with 70 dB stop-band attenuation, operating at an oversampling ratio of 4 (48k or 96k modes) or 2 (192k mode).
2. ADAU1372 datasheet says: The ADCs and DACs are high quality, 24-bit Σ-Δ converters that operate at 192k or 96k sampling rate.
3. Dave says: Both the ADC and the DACs of ADAU1372 rates are 6.144MHz.
4.Xuelei say: AD1933 is not a Σ-Δ DAC. ADAU1372 is a Σ-Δ ADC & DAC. Am I right?