WISA (WIreless Speaker and Audio) Support?

To the AD Development Team:

AD developed some easy to use Audio hardware and software (e.g ADAU1701 & Sigma Studio) in the past. A new upcoming technology are high quality audio wireless connections. As I know is the new upcoming defacto standard WISA ( http://www.wisaassociation.org  ). 

My questions to AD are:

a) What are the activites from AD regarding this technology?

b) What is the technolgy roadmap of AD to support the WISA Standard in the future?

c) Are there any integrated products (comparable to functions the of ADAU1701) planned?

Thanks in advance - Juergen

    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 18, 2014 10:33 PM over 5 years ago

    Hello Juergen,

    I have not heard of any move towards supporting the WISA standard in our parts. There may be other sections of the company that is involved and I am not aware of it.

    We did recently release the ADAU1450/ADAU1451/ADAU1452 which is a much more powerful DSP than the ADAU1701. It also uses the SigmaStudio interface for easy programming.


    Dave T

    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 19, 2014 9:06 PM over 5 years ago

    Hi Juergen,

    I fully endorse Al Clack and Danville Signal as technical partners.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Juergen,

    Danville Signal is a WiSA member. We work with OEM/ODMs as a technology partner. Our WiSA based systems all use SHARC ADSP-21479 DSPs. These targets include DSP Concepts' Audio Weaver. This allows you to create crossovers using graphical design tools in a similar manner to SigmaStudio.

    We will be at CES, Venetian Towers 29-125 if you are interested.

    Al Clark