can anyone share audio reference design


I'm working for new project. my requirement is to capture 2 audio channels of input 3Vrms at 10kohms impedance and of frequency range from 300hz to 3.5khz.

analog audio signal is to be captured, balanced, filtered, summed to convert digital output for compressing it.

hence, any one who has experience in it can guide me please.



    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 24, 2017 8:50 PM over 3 years ago

    Hello satya,

    Your question is a little difficult to answer because it is very general and there are so many ways to accomplish the same task.

    The ADAU1701 is a good part for a simple low cost design. It selfboots and it has built in ADCs and DACs. The ADCs are 2Vrms max so you will have to buffer and reduce the signal level a little. I do not think it will hurt your SNR specifications very much since you are only using a small bandwidth.

    You can download the evaluation board schematic that is in the user guide and look at how we implemented it there as a starting point. The DSP can do filtering, compression, summing and many other things.

    Here is a link to the user guide:

    If you really need to have 3Vrms and you do not want to pad down the input, then the ADAU1979 is a good ADC that has 4.5Vrms max input level. The downside is that you will need a DSP and DACs since this part is only an ADC. The ADAU1701 can still be used as an DSP and DAC along with the external ADC.

    Dave T

  • Hi Dave,

    Thank you for your reply and suggestion. I will go through the IC's and will come back with design as per my requirement. I request you to review my design, will you do this for me.