Electronic Product Development

Electronic Product Development

Electronics Technology, the most powerful tool known to modern man, continues to evolve. Higher speed. Tighter integration. Enhanced functionality. Lower power consumption. Greater reliability. Increased testing requirements. Today’s electronics product designer faces an array of product choices from vendors such as Altera, AMD, Intel, Cypress, Lattice, Motorola, Microchip, National Semiconductor, ST Microelectronics, Xilinx and many others. Shrinking product development cycles coupled with demanding product requirements can overwhelm a design team.


Solutions from Orchid Technologies

At Orchid Technologies we specialize in custom electronic product design. Years of successful electronic product development for a diverse group of nationwide OEM clients has made the engineers at Orchid an expert team. Expert at making performance-driven, cost-effective, manufacturable technology choices. Our experience and expertise are available to assist you.


Three Phased Product Development

Orchid Technologies’ three phased electronic product development approach is the key to your success. We start with Phase Zero—discovery and planning:


• Phase Zero: Orchid reviews your product design requirements in detail. Working with your requirements and concerns, we create a Phase One Development Plan which includes: Top-Level Specification, Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) Cost Model, Prototype Cost Model, and Development Schedule all at the Phase One level.


• Phase One: Orchid executes the Phase One Development Plan. During this phase, Orchid performs detailed design, fabrication, assembly, checkout and debug tasks. The purpose of the Phase One period is to produce and deliver a number of prototype units as defined in the Phase One Development Plan.


• Phase Two: Orchid and the client test and rework the Phase One design, readying it for volume production. Practical experience shows that product changes are inevitable. The Phase Two period addresses those final changes which result from product redefinition, checkout, debug, testing, and production/process related activities.


Electronic Product Development Success

Competent answers to challenging design questions is Orchid’s foundation. We build upon our know-how and design experience to put your product on the road to success. Let us design a well-engineered electronic product solution for you too.