Miniature Analog Design

“Smaller! And use conventional technology.” Electronics is not the message in the world of high-vacuum industrial control where miniaturization, reliability, accuracy and day-in, day-out performance really count.


Pressure Sensor Product Family

Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting Inc. performed the electronics design and packaging engineering required to retrofit a family of low cost, highly reliable solid state sensors onto our customer’s existing venturi-vacuum pump product line. Working within our client’s demanding maximum size constraints, Orchid developed a line of miniature analog pressure sensor products which boast big features:

  • 15.0 to -15.0 psi Range
  • 0.0 to 150.0 psi Range
  • Manual Hysteresis Set Point
  • Manual Trip Set Point
  • NPN Output Stage
  • PNP Output Stage
  • 0 to 20mA Output Sensor
  • 0 to 10V Output Sensor
  • 24 VDC Powered
  • 1% Accuracy over Range and Temp


Analog Design Packed Under One Cubic Inch

Drawing from Orchid’s years of analog design know-how, we crammed state-of-the-art electronics into a package volume smaller than 1.0 cubic inch. A panelized circuit board design augmented with circuit board assembly options completes the picture by holding inventory costs down.


Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting Inc.

Thinking about that challenging project? Contact Orchid today, we can perform precision state-of-the-art analog circuit design for you too.