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How-To use EVAL-ADICUP3029 / EV-COG-AD3029 with emIDE

The official supported toolchain - Cross-Core-Embedded-Studio - for the EVAL-ADICUP3029 and EV-COG-AD3029 boards which is based on Eclipse, is working well.

But some people, including myself, like to use a simpler and easier to use approach for small Bare-Metal projects - as for example I've written in How to - ADuCM3029 with simple and free Open Source Tools? For this I used at that time a J-Link Debug Probe from SEGGER, which can also be used with those two boards.

But the big advantage of the EVAL-ADICUP3029 and EV-COG-AD3029 boards is that they already come with an integrated OpenOCD based Debug Probe onboard.

This time I have selected the emIDE on Windows for a small tutorial on How-To use it with that boards.

Attached here is a quick tutorial, the required OpenOCD driver and a basic example project for each of the boards.