ADUCM4050 ADC power supply

Hi EZ,

I am currently doing a schematic using the ADUCM4050, and his internal ADC, and I would like to know few stuff : 

  • Is that possible to have Vbat_ADC set to a different value than the other Vbat of the microcontroller ? 
  • Is that mandatory to have Vbat_ADC = Vref_ADC ? 

I am asking this cause I would like to powered up the ADUCM4050 with 2.5V, and having a Vref for the ADUCM40050 ADC's set to 3.3V (cause we would like to measure voltage up to 3V approximatively).

So is that possible to set : 

Vref_ADC = 3.3V   //   Vbat_ADC=3.3V //   other Vbat=2.5V  


Vref_ADC = 3.3V   //   Vbat_ADC=2.5V //   other Vbat=2.5V  

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    Aug 2, 2018 +1 verified

    Hi ,

       The Vref external should be less than VBat.This can be found in datasheet at chapter ADC subsystem under the topic External voltage reference.

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