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Keil displays “ Invalid ROM Table” and I can't download the program to ADICUP3029.

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADICUP3029


After entering the maintenance mode by mistake, I can't download the program after changing from the maintenance mode to the DAPLINK mode through this link method.

These configurations were used when you were able to download the program before, but now you can't.

I've searched many methods but they are ineffective, still unable to download the program, in urgent need of help.Thank you for your help.

on Oct 16, 2023 11:30 AM

Can you walk me through the EXACT steps you did?

What I'm most afraid of is that you "flashed" an incorrect hex file to the maintenance drive, and now the DAPLINK is no longer acting as a DAPLINK. If this is the case then you will need to completely reprogram the DAPLINK using a J-Link.

  • 1. Enter the maintenance mode by mistake.

    2. As stated in this link,I copyed and pasted the latest interface file(June 2017) to the Maintenance drive

    3.Back to the DAPLINK mode,As this link shows,I tried to unlock ADICUP3029 with CrossCore.But it displayed "no autobaud response"

  • Hello Reborn! I met the same problem as yours. I tried both SensorPal and Keil to let CN0510 work, but all were failed. In SensorPal, the Measure button is grey, it showed invaild response form firmware. In Keil, also the invaild ROM table error. And in CrossCore, no autobaud response too. Have you found the solution which is available? Hope for your response. Best wishes!