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EV_COG_AD4050LZ IAR 'Fatal error: Failed to connect to CPU" when attempting to debug

Category: Hardware
I am working on some code using low power modes on the ADuCM4050 chip, currently using the EV_COG_AD4050LZ development board. I have two boards, both of which were working correctly and neither of which work now.
I am using IAR FS for ARM v8.50.10. When I attempt 'Download and debug', I get the following message appear:
Previously I did not have this problem, I could download and debug successfully with IAR. One of the two boards stopped working a while go, the other has stopped working recently.
If the board is powered off, I get a different error ("Probe not found").
The webpage successfuly identifies the connected device.
The last program that I flashed on the board is still running correctly, as one of the green LEDs near the on/off switch is blinking at the correct rate for my application. There is a red LED on right next to the user LED that is on, I don't recall if that was on before this problem occurred.
Using the CrossCore utility, I cannot erase flash. I get this same output regardless of the chosen baud rate:
How can I unbrick my boards?
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