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Unable to download IotNode App

Category: Software

I am unable to download the Analog Devices IOT Node app on IOS from the UK. When I click on It says that the app is not currently available in your country or region. Can someone lead me or provide steps on to how to run the hello_world bluetooth example using an ADICUP3029 please?

I have used applications like LightBlue and other BLE apps on IOS and although I can connect to the ADICUP3029 using Bluetooth. The output looks like the following: It gives an error initially until I select "listen for notifications" on the LightBlue IOS app, then the Data sent notification is there on the console,. Then I click notify (on IOS app) and then it starts accepting data - but I can only see a null value. See screenshots. 



Your help would be much appreciated.

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  • I appreciate your frustration as well. I can tell you that I managed to get it to work by studying and modifying the HelloWorldBLE example, and creating an app for android on MIT App Inventor which receives strings and displays them. It took a little bit of effort but the downloadable BLE module on MIT App inventor and a couple of youtube videos made it possible.