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Unable to download IotNode App

Category: Software

I am unable to download the Analog Devices IOT Node app on IOS from the UK. When I click on It says that the app is not currently available in your country or region. Can someone lead me or provide steps on to how to run the hello_world bluetooth example using an ADICUP3029 please?

I have used applications like LightBlue and other BLE apps on IOS and although I can connect to the ADICUP3029 using Bluetooth. The output looks like the following: It gives an error initially until I select "listen for notifications" on the LightBlue IOS app, then the Data sent notification is there on the console,. Then I click notify (on IOS app) and then it starts accepting data - but I can only see a null value. See screenshots. 



Your help would be much appreciated.

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  • BTW, your team announced on the user guide page that would release IoTNode Source Code for Android. It showed the date was 2016. I think AduCM3029 is a very powerful MCU. Bad design resources and weak developer support ruined it. If you fellows have ever looked up what talked on Reddit@ or other online HW hobbist communities, even an undergraduate knows WT* support ADI will give. All these things are just like the poor condition of IotNode sample app.