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AD5940 sequencer EDA + voltage measurements


I'd like to use the AD5940 sequencer to make impedance measurements (CE/SE) in parallel with voltage measurements (AIN0-3). 

impedance measurements voltage measurements
pins CE, SE AIN0-3
sample frequency 1 kHz ~1 Hz
ODR 4 Hz ~1 Hz

I'm basing the impedance measurements on the EDA example. Is there a good strategy for working in additional measurements with regards to power consumption and juggling 4 different low data-rate ADC channel readings?

I'm thinking of inserting the voltage measurements into the impedance measurement readout ISR - reconfiguring the device for a voltage measurements and reading each pin in turn, then running the impedance measurement configuration setup again. But not sure if this will interfere with impedance measurements running in the background off the wakeup timer and sequencer.

This is a pretty high-level question, but strategic advice would be appreciated!