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IAR: failed to load flash loader - Eval-ADICUP3029


We have encountered a Problem with downloading the Software to EVAL-ADICUP3029 board.

We followed the steps provided in example here (<>) with an IAR Software, but loading it gave us the following error:

Could you please help us solve the problem?

 Thank you in advance!

  • Hi,

     You can erase the ADuCM3029 base board before using, 


        You can flash the  firmware into ADuCM3029 Base board before using IAR.

           For doing this, first remove the AD5940 add on board from the base board.

           Connect the ADuCM3029 base board alone to PC via USB. Its LEDs glow up.

           Open CrossCore Serial Flash Programmer (if not installed, you may install it first).

          Initially, the GUI looks as shown below:


          While pressing S3 on ADuCM3029, press S1 and release.

          Now choose the file to download. Browse the hex file location, for example  \\…ADUCM3029.hex ,

          Select PROGRAM option under ACTION,

           Click START button.

          The ADuCM3029 Base board will now be programmed with the selected hex file, and log as shown below:.


          You can now plug the AD5940 add-on board onto ADuCM3029 base board, and start compiling and loading the code via IAR.