uart_callback_example does not work properly on EV-COG-AD4050LZ board


First let me show the points that I modified.

[1] I set UART_DEVICE_NUM to "0u" in uart_callback.h

[2] I want to confirm external loopback, so I deleted "#define UART_INTERNAL_LOOPBACK".


#if defined (__ADUCM302x__)
#define UART_DEVICE_NUM 0u
#elif defined(__ADUCM4x50__)
#define UART_DEVICE_NUM 0u
#error UART driver is not ported for this processor

/* Internal loopback mode. Defined for internal loopback (no jumpers required),
undefined for external loopback (see Readme_uart_loopback.txt) */


[3] For external loopback, I connected E_UART0_RXD and E_UART0_TXD pin with a cable on EV-GEAR-EXTENDER1Z board.


Hardware environment: EV-COG-AD4050LZ + EV-GEAR-EXTENDER1Z

Software environment: IAR Embedded Workbench 8.32.1 + ARM.CMSIS 5.70 + AnalogDevices.ADuCM4x50_DFP 3.3.0 + AnalogDevices.EV-COG-AD4050LZ_BDP 3.1.0




When I ran uart_callback_example, I get following messages.

When I set a breakpoint as following, I confirmed that the value of nRxCallbackCounter was 0.


Could you please let me how to run uart_callback_example on EV-COG-AD4050LZ ?


I also confirmed following cases, the results were all all right.

Case 1: Internal loopback on EV-COG-AD4050LZ 

Case 2: External loopback on EV-COG-AD3029LZ

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