ADICUP3029 stuck in maintenance mode


Currently I am experiencing issues with the ADICUP3029 development board. I was calibrating the CN0428 water sensor board with IAR Embedded Workbench when suddenly, I was not able to drag & drop program the ADICUP3029  with DAPLINK anymore. I booted the device in MAINTENANCE mode, so I could program the latest mbed interface firmware onto the device. It immediately booted into the DAPLINK again, but when I tried to program a .hex file, it gave me this message in the FAIL.TXT:

"The interface firmware FAILED to reset/halt the target MCU"

Now, the ADICUP3029 always boots in MAINTENANCE mode and flashing firmware doesn't help. Here are some of the things I have tried already without any success :

1. Flash the firmware as described by Brandon in this post
2. Flash the firmware using a JTAG programmer on P11
3. Ensured S2 (UART/USB switch) and S5 (Battery/Wall switch) are in the correct state.
4. Erased the flash memory with CrossCore Embedded Serial Flash Programmer, which gave me the error "No autobaud response".

I also checked 3029_BOOT and 3029_RESET to see if they were accidentally being pulled low, but both are reading 3.3V and therefore do not trigger MAINTENANCE mode to my knowledge.
One thing which might be useful to know, is that I cut the traces SWD_CLK_3029, 3029_RESET and SWD_DIO_3029 in order to program the CN0428 daughter board with custom firmware as described in this page. I don't think it has anything to do with the cut traces though, since all used to work fine for a few hours or so.

Hopefully this can be fixed,

Best regards,


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