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Differences between ADuCM355 and EVAL-AD5940BioZ


I'm trying to port some sample code from the ADuCM355 Radiated Immunity demo for the AD5940BioZ. Specifically, I want to use the code in M355_EMCFlash.c that saves data to the flash in the BIAShowResult method used in the AD5940_BIA example (I want to dump the data onto the UART and at the same time save it to Flash memory). There are some lines I'm not sure will port over from M355_EMCFlash.c. What are the ADuCM3029 equivalents for the following lines 

  DioPulPin(pADI_GPIO1,PIN3,1);               // Enable P1.3 pull-up resistor
  DioIenPin(pADI_GPIO1,PIN3,1);               // Configure P1.3 as an Input
. I can and have included the DioLib.h and FeeLib.h libraries into my project. Additionally, how do I modify the lines of code below (from RadiatedImmunity example) to save the frequency, magnitude, and phase of my impedance measurements to Flash
for(int i=0;i<DataCount;i++)
    Current_uA = AppAMPCalcCurrent(pAmpCfg->SensorCh0.ResultBuffer[i], pAmpCfg->SensorCh0.RtiaCalValue.Magnitude);
    printf("Index %i:, %d , %.3f uA , %f ppm\n", i, pAmpCfg->SensorCh0.ResultBuffer[i], Current_uA, Current_uA/CO_uA_Per_PPM);
    if ((ucUseArray1 %2) == 1)
      szSamplesinSRAM1[uiSramCnt++] = pAmpCfg->SensorCh0.ResultBuffer[i];
      szSamplesinSRAM0[uiSramCnt++] = pAmpCfg->SensorCh0.ResultBuffer[i]; 
    if (uiSramCnt >= 128)
      uiSramCnt = 0;



Added other code section and clarifications.
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